Here is what principals, teachers and students say about Rev:

"Our school's pre-existing learning resources have been thoroughly enhanced in Rev, set up as dynamic learning progressions. Students are now far more engaged."
"With Rev, I can see each of my students' progress in each topic or theme in terms of the order of thinking and mastery against Bloom's Taxonomy. I can support students to apply their understanding and to achieve higher order thinking outcomes."
"Rev Web conference sessions are like a well orchestrated classroom where students get to work. As a teacher, I can drop in momentarily to provide support."
"With Rev, I don't just see my students, I can see exactly where they are up to with their learning activities, as if I was walking around the classroom observing students progress, providing personalised support."
"Rev means we have no longer have to bolt together Web conferencing, class portals and all the content."
"With Rev, learning continues during and in between online sessions, all in one place."
"Rev enables teachers to momentarily engage individual students without 'disappearing' from the online class. Sessions are more natural and personalised, more about learning by doing."
"Chat GPT will be less of an assessment issue as a Rev enables teachers to better know their students as they learn along the way, not just at turn it in time. That's gold!"

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