Schools and school systems have provided the following feedback regarding Rev:
“The depth of educational understanding and thinking that has gone into Rev’s development is immediately apparent. It is outstanding”
“As a teacher I can set up learning activities for my students as progressions, following a taxonomy, and I can easily link just the right learning resources to each set of activities. It is amazing. Students can work at their own pace, with in-built support. It is adaptive and I can even set the bar to ensure mastery levels. As a teacher, I can now see more clearly where each student is in the taxonomy, and I am more mindful of the taxonomy as I set activities.”
“This is so good, the way I can add my course resources, practice activities and formal assessments in Rev and instantly see student progress and can speak with any or all my students in one click with Rev’s in-built Web conferencing and messaging. I can see the opportunity to provide more regular feedback to my students with Rev. With Rev, I can see my students working at their own pace in a more personalised way without overloading me as the teacher.”
School lead teacher feedback, NSW Australia
“The Web conferencing element of Rev is designed to support the teacher and student roles and relationships. It integrates with the local student information system (SIS).”
Rev partner feedback, Hamburg Germany
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