- Web conferencing that works more like a real classroom

Teachers and/or teacher assistants can speak privately with individual students while the whole class is in-session
Students can work quietly in sessions, applying learning, momentarily accessing teacher support

+ Simple role-based teacher controls and student functions

Teachers can mute the audio and/or video of all or selected students
Teacher control of screen sharing, including student access
Students can privately indicate understanding or request teacher assistance
Student hand-up functions but without the distractions
Automatic student attendance/absence reporting for the teachers
Each student sees themself alongside the teacher
Simplified teacher-student chat threads for personalisation, day to day continuity and group communication
Parent alert option for younger home learners to improve student punctuality

+ Teachers can record and share segments of their Rev lessons

Push recordings to all or specific student Rev folios
Students can access recordings in Rev during or after sessions

+ Add your lesson content, activities and adaptive assessments too!

Teachers and faculties can easily place their own content in Rev in a semi-structured way for students to access and complete during and between Rev sessions, all in one place.
Teachers can see each student’s progress through learning activities during and after class sessions, dropping in to support students as required.

+ Rev technology is built for education

No software downloads or update support required
Works on virtually all devices - responsive, quality video and audio
Class, sub-group, cohort, school and district user management, security and integration
Responsive Rev technical support
FERPA, COPA and GDPR compliant, data agreements available

 Rev supports solo or team teaching and small group break-out sessions

Get Rev School today with a free 10-day, no obligation trial! 
Rev is ideal for the following educational uses:
Use Rev for:
  • Mainstream lessons, hybrid lessons – connect in-class and remote students and teachers
  • Isolated students or teachers, whether due to COVID-19, adverse weather or other factors
  • Remote learners, distance learning
  • School refusers
  • Mixed classes within, across schools
  • Students in recovery
  • Online schools
  • International class/school links – connect your class with an overseas class
  • Extension classes
  • Intervention classes, for example, reading support, support teachers
  • Online school assemblies and meetings
  • Staff meetings – Rev works without students too!
  • Parent-teacher nights – provide better options for parent inclusion
  • Staff professional development sessions
  • Beam in experts in residence
  • Student-led Webinars (option)
  • School districts and jurisdictions:
    • Deliver equity across your schools, urban and remote- ensuring every student has access to all subjects with teachers qualified in the relevant subject area
    • Team-teach across campuses
    • Run district-wide meetings and lessons – connect across your schools’ network
  • Home schooling groups – engage your parent network to support students
  • Colleges, universities and workplace learning providers, yes you can use Rev too!
  • Tutoring providers, large and small - check out Rev Tutors, especially designed for you to meet your home market needs.

- If I sign up my class today, can other classes at my school be added later without a new Rev set up?

Absolutely. We will add other classes and school management functions by design, wrapped around your initial set up. We will then bill the school.

+ If I sign up my school today, can other schools across my district/jurisdiction be added later as a network without a new set up?

Yes, if that is what your school and district want. We will add district management tools too. Then you get the benefits of Rev linking across your schools’ network, improving student equity. We will bill the district or the schools as agreed.

+ Can I easily add more students or teachers or teacher assistants to my class after the initial set up?

Absolutely. As a teacher or school admin, you will be provided tools to add or remove students and add new cohorts. We will adjust billing accordingly.

+ Our school or district would like to set up Single Sign On or other integrations for Rev. Is this possible?

Certainly. We can set up an integration with most Student Information Systems and other authentication services. Simply email us at support@worldmosaic.co your request and our experts will speak with yours.

+ Our school requires GDPR, COPA and/or FERPA compliance. Can Rev School provide an appropriate data sharing agreement for our school/s?

Absolutely. Simply email us at support@worldmosaic.co your request and we will provide one.

+ Our school or district has other questions about Rev. Can we speak with someone at Rev?

Yes. Simply email us at support@worldmosaic.co with a suitable time and number and we will be in touch.

+ Can we add any number of teachers and other school support staff to Rev?

Yes. We do not charge for staff users unless there are no student users added, that is, for some schools that only use Rev for staff-staff communication.

+ Who is behind Rev?

Rev School was designed, developed and is operated by World Mosaic Pty Ltd, a global edtech provider founded in Sydney Australia in 2007 by Mark Lamont. World Mosaic is a longstanding respected provider to schools, departments of education, NGOs and edtech companies across the globe. Previously, Mr Lamont was a key figure in the development of Australia’s first ISP to schools, myinternet. Today, Mr Lamont leads World Mosaic, chairs the Australian edtech industry association, EduGrowth, and is a board director at other respected and significant international edtech companies and agencies that serve tens of millions of students.

+ What about student and other school data protection in Rev?

No student, staff or other school information held in Rev will be shared by World Mosaic with other parties unless demanded by a court order in the relevant jurisdiction and only then with the school’s knowledge. No Rev user data is even shared within the World Mosaic operation. All student and school information, including student identity information is securely encrypted and hosted on dedicated Rev servers. World Mosaic will never market to students or any school personnel who were not original subscribers. By design, Rev does not allow sensitive student or staff information to be stored in Rev. Only the minimal amount of data required to perform the service is stored in Rev and this can be alias information if schools prefer. The Rev team is available to discuss your questions regarding data security.

+ Does Rev work on all devices and browsers?

Pretty much. Rev works on popular browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Mozilla and Safari. Rev is ideal for laptops, Chromebooks, PCs, tablets, iPads and even interactive whiteboards. Rev will work on mobile phones as a Web app, but not all Rev functions are optimal on small phone screens. Users will need to allow Rev to access their device camera and speaker functions, as a one-off action, to enable Web conferencing to work.

+ Can I add more than one teacher or teacher assistant to my class?

Yes. You can add any number of teachers and teacher assistants to your class or other classes. You can create large class groups and small ones, only billed according to the number of students, and your student will have a menu to access each of their class groups and even small team groups.

+ I’m not technical. What can go wrong technically, what can I do?

Rev is not very technical. A few things to look out for are:
  • In the trial period, check if your school is blocking the rev-school.com domain with the school filtering. Usually this is not an issue. Ask your school support to unblock rev-school.com if it is blocked.
  • There is no software for you or your students to download, so Rev should be a lot more straight-forward than other Web conferencing software you have been using. As mentioned, your students and teachers will need to just allow Rev to access their speaker and camera the first time they access Rev. Your tech support at school might need to know about this if school devices are being used.
  • If you are stuck on any technical issues, even during the free trial, email us at support@worldmosaic.co for prompt support by our Rev team.

+ Our district or jurisdiction is too large and complex to simply sign up online for a 10-day trial. Can we speak with someone at Rev about implementation, integration, support and contract options?

Absolutely. Simply email us at support@worldmosaic.co and we will be in touch to work that out with you.

+ It says above that teachers and faculties can add their own content and adaptive assessments to Rev for access by students during and after Rev lessons. We don’t want each teacher to reinvent the wheel creating content in Rev. Can we share specific teacher or faculty content in Rev across multiple classes and multiple schools? Are there tools in Rev for schools and districts to manage the content and assessments that so editorial quality is high,and teachers are supported.

Yes, all this capability is available in Rev today.
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